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What we Offer

Red Networks specialises in Voice and Data cabling. We do everything from Cat3, Cat5, Cat6, Cat7 Cabling. We are also  certified in Molex, MegaNet, ATTAC products. We sell and install all sizes of Data Cabinet, Data racks, Patch Panels, Brush Panels, cable management accessories. Installations of server room equipment, including Raised flooring, fire doors, air conditioners and server room accessories.

Red Networks also installs networks with sub-surface fibre ducts, where fibre optic cable is floated though micro ducts and connected on the ends. (This is known as Blown Fibre.) If additional fibre cabling is required, or if a cable is damaged, new fibre can be quickly blown in with minimal disturbance and down time. Planning, Trenching, Drilling & Civil Work

Installation of fibre cable frequently involves trenching though both municipal and private property, including drilling under municipal roads and blasting rock. Red Networks has experienced planners that design networks for maximum efficiency, and provide a clear and smooth build roll out plan for the build engineers.

Red Networks engineers trench by means of mechanical trenchers and by hand, drill under roads using directional under ground drilling technology, break rock and remove rubble as part of our full service network installations. 

Red Networks is an accredited DSTV installer through Space Television.

Site Survey and Fibre Network Planning

  • Scheduling of the site survey with all the relevant role players
  • Supplying exact measurements and photo's together with the Site Survey Report
  • Site location sketch
  • Site layout indicating position of proposed civil work on site
  • Building layout indicating route to be followed inside building and type of ducting/cable trays to be used and equipment room layout indicating termination position inside the Termination Bay
  • Baseline 1 drawing indicating the proposed route
  • Bill of Services with Bill of Materials
  • Baseline 2 drawing indicating exact As-Build information

Way Leave Management

  • Document and application preparation to submit applications to all relevant services
  • Continuous follow-ups to ensure that all way leave services are obtained within the SLA
  • Submission of services approvals to the Road Authority in order to obtain final Right of Way (Way Leaves)
  • Communicating any special requirements from the Road Authority to the Contractor prior to the commencement of the work

Project Management

  • Writing of specifications
  • Civil contractor management
  • Civil Acceptance
  • Fibre Optic Network infrastructure installation
  • Traffic diverts associated with these projects
  • Dedicated Installation Liaison Officers on site
  • As Build Documentation
  • As Build Documentation

Full Turnkey Services

  • Civil route build
  • Optic fibre build
  • Site access build
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