Voice and Data Cabling

Network Design

We specialise in Voice and Data cabling including the installation of  Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7 cabling and are certified in Molex, MegaNet and Krone products.

We design your server room layout with all the relevant equipment, including raised flooring, fire doors, air conditioners and server room accessories including the Data Cabinets, Data racks, Patch Panels, Brush Panels and cable management accessories.

Voice and Data

RED NETWORKS specializes in Voice and Data solutions. Drawing on our extensive experience in infrastructure service, we can put our advice into practice, providing you with an end to end solution for the operation of server platforms, based on almost any technology.

We offer our customers LAN solutions comprising LAN design and LAN deployment.

Data Cabinets and Server Rooms

Whether you call it a Data Cabinet, a Server Cabinet or a Server Rack, we have the one that’s perfect for you.

Our Data Cabinets can accommodate even the largest servers, with the cabinet depths of up to 1400 mm and easy access to important cable connections, improved air flow, and protection against damage and pollutants.

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